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Publication Cost

Service Cost
Publication 200 €
Layout Editing* 100 €
Translation According to the number of words
* Optional

Basic cost of Publication

In order to support Open Access publications, IBJ will ask the author of the manuscript after the acceptance of the article, a payment fee of 200 € (excluding VAT). We offer discounts and waivers fee for authors with not funded researchers; for this, you must contact the editorial office The peer review of research articles is not related to the payment of the publication; we kindly ask our authors to not argue with editors regarding any eventual payment issue at any stage of the process of peer review.

Layout Editing

Those authors who want to enjoy the layout editing service will be charged a fee of 100 € per accepted article (VAT not included). The authors will have the option to edit the final articles their own bypassing layout costs, only with the sole condition that authors must respect the template´s design and guidelines provided here.


We offer a translation service for any of the available languages IBJ publishes; English, Spanish or Portuguese. The price will fluctuate based on the market price. In order to access this service, authors must request it in advance.

Waiver fee notice

Those authors with not funded articles who have their articles approved for publication will be granted a publication fee exemption.

(The fee waiver does not include the layout editing service).